Friday, January 26, 2007

Classroom Happenings 1/26/07

Amazing things went on at HTMS today! The 8th grade science students were spread out over campus discovering things about velocity and speed. Some were out on the mall shooting rockets made from soft drink bottles. Others were in the halls building roller coasters. Mrs. Hambey’s students dissected squids—man does that smell bring back memories of my days in science class. Mr. Brown’s class participated in a simulation designed to help students learn the workings of the ancient city-states in Greece. I loved watching each individual “city state” go from claiming all of the land possible alone to forming alliances with other city- states. We took pictures of the 8th grade students voted as this year’s who’s who for the yearbook. The focus of this year’s who’s who was the character education words we study throughout the year.

We are still hard at work with homework remediation. Unfortunately, there are still too many students not completing work on time, but we are working to help students make better decisions. We have moved into the next phase of homework remediation. Students who have been referred before for not having homework automatically go to detention. Eventually, students will grow tired of sitting in the cafeteria on the hard round seats for two hours after school. I become so frustrated when I see the same students over and over for having missing assignments. UGH!



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