Monday, October 1, 2007

Learning Styles

In Ed Tech Journeys, PReilly discusses the importance of knowing our students. I so agree! As teachers, we are asked to differentiate instruction, talk to parents, work on discipline, provide extra help, etc. How do we do any of these if we don't know more about our students than what we can find out by looking at registration information? We must spend time with the students and look for every opportunity to TALK with them--hall duty, in line in the cafeteria, and blogs. As an English teacher, I can utilize their writing to learn more about them. Doing this allows us to design lessons that truly meet their needs instead of throwing in strategies and hoping that they will resonate with the students in the room at any given time.

Easy-no, but the best teachers realize that teaching isn't an easy profession.

Here are some resources that might help us all learn more about our students.

Free Learning Styles Inventory

Index of Learning Styles Questionnaires

Vark: A Guide to Learning Styles

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Well written article.


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